Online education, 7 best advantages

Online education is one of the best changes in the modern education model. Students can monitor their higher education, their social responsibilities and the workload of other families and businesses. If we shift our education model to online technology, it is expected to bring several advantages. As with today’s rapidly changing world, everyone needs to […]

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Strategies for distance education

Technology changes the definition of education from all angles. Education has gone from traditional to online and real-life books, from e-books. Compared with traditional learning, distance learning has flexibility and convenience. It is better known as e-learning, and distance education is the temptation of candidates in their careers. Including everyone from students to executives. It […]

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Education triangle

The biggest problem with education today is that people don’t know what it is. The Department of Education is a triangle. Education is effective only when all four sides of the triangle touch. If one side of the triangle is separated from the other side, a bunch of lines similar to “nothing” will eventually appear. […]

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