Education triangle

The biggest problem with education today is that people don’t know what it is. The Department of Education is a triangle. Education is effective only when all four sides of the triangle touch. If one side of the triangle is separated from the other side, a bunch of lines similar to “nothing” will eventually appear.

The Learning Triangle

In terms of education, it’s exactly the same. Parents must communicate with schools, these schools must communicate with students, these students must communicate with parents, and students must communicate with children, and teachers must communicate with parents who must communicate…Do I need to continue? I miss you That’s it!

For many times, your child’s education is like a three-line education triangle. Your child thinks that the teacher is bad, so they won’t talk to him/her; Qie thinks you are bad, so she doesn’t even talk to you. In return, you don’t know how to talk to your children, you blame yourself or the school, no one is willing to take the first step… all stay in the same shapeless, unhelpful situation!

learning triangle theory

Parents, the first one, bring the education triangle back together! Speak ruthlessly, ask and nag you rebellious teenagers, communicate with them, even if it looks like a monologue. In the long run, he will thank you, and he will remember it in difficult times. Headshot to contact Mr. to see how things are going. Don’t wait until the worst transcript of this century appears in the housing company, send an angry e-mail to the teacher. On the other hand, they all sent out friendly messages, thanking the teachers for the good work you did when you were happy and when you performed well in school. You will always get as good as what you paid. And encourage your child to communicate with the teacher!

Teachers, all! Contact parents regularly, not just when there is a problem. Send a few mass emails about how happy you were with that class, and don’t forget to tell the kids.

Boys, don’t think you know everything, just go to your teacher and ask you what you need. Talk with  to understand . Don’t get up and get better results, it won’t work, but it’s only sincere with it, without any prejudice, from your boss’s words to you.

It’s the beginning of the triangle… If you add support from the school administration, it will really become a trap, which is very important. It is to support a very difficult balance between teachers and parents, but if the person in charge has sufficient integrity and trust in education, it is feasible. Of course, education is the best for children at any time. It’s not just children, but all children.

We will do our best to work together. The future of the world lies in education. Even if the government makes it a real priority, our people still have a say and obligation to make it work. Then, let us take action!

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