The current gap in educational employability

The gap in educational employability is a condition that the education system cannot keep up with industry requirements and the gap between the two. Increase the risk of unemployment, because very few candidates are considered to be employed. India’s Minister of Human Resources Development Kapil Sibal believes that vocational training should be implemented to meet industry requirements. The problem is that the technology changes every day, but the syllabus remains the same. Students pursue MBA, engineering, etc. to get high salaries. They have gained more theoretical knowledge and less practical applications. They do not meet the company’s requirements. Attitudes and soft skills are below the standard.

Education Vs Employability
The problem of family is how to bridge the gap between education and employment? First, we need to change the syllabus to meet the requirements of industry. The scope of industrial training should be expanded so that students can use their own learning and try new methods. They can gain actual industry exposure while studying, understand their loopholes, and work hard to hone their skills and knowledge.

The College of Education can cooperate with different industries so that they can know the latest updates and can teach the same. The college can hire skilled and knowledgeable professionals from different backgrounds to teach different subjects. Will increase students’ practical knowledge.

Scientific Assessments
The college needs to maintain a soft skills training department to improve student communication and attitudes. Soft skills will help them perform better in interviews and group discussions. Only when we take the first step to solve the problem as soon as possible, can the education and employment gap be narrowed.

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